perhaps from middle dutch. (nebulia) wrote,
perhaps from middle dutch.

oh hey, I can post on this site too.


I've been keeping up with my flist, but I haven't posted in like a month or something and SO MUCH has happened so I'm not sure where to start.

Actually, this post I'll just talk about the good things, there were a lot, and not the bad things at all.

Went home to Iowa to surprise my mom for her sixtieth birthday. She was surprised! It was great.

THEN THEN THEN my 21st birthday happened and the rugby girls threw me an awesome party and well I mean it was my 21st and it was fucking EXCELLENT and it's great and so yeah, that happened.

Then I went home and my friends from high school and my mom conspired to throw me a surprise party because I told mom I'd never had one (I also told her I didn't want to be the surprisee, I'd rather be the surpriser, but the party was pretty low-key so it was perfect). I was pleasantly surprised without being embarrassed and great fun was had by all.

Then I went to a bar for the first time, it was a gay bar, and HLBF and I hung out with a bunch of old queers (as they described themselves, they were only in their mid-thirties) before smoking weed in a church parking lot. We also smoked before going to the bar, in the park, a five minute hike from the car in the dark and the mud by the creek. It was awesome.

And NOW NOW NOW NOW I'm in fucking CANADA and it's fucking BRILLIANT and I've only been here like an hour but I'm loving it so much. Super super stoked, guys. Gonna be awesome.

So Imma go explore and I promise to update more often, really. I love you.

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