perhaps from middle dutch. (nebulia) wrote,
perhaps from middle dutch.


big job interview today! it's a job I really really want and I'm so fucking nervous, holy shit.

I had an interview on Friday for a position I'll like, but this one pays better and I think will be more valuable for my future and more fun and also more hours? So just generally a better job. but I'm SO goddamned nervous, oh my god.

I have recently acquired some new friends via the hockey friending meme on home_ice Welcome to all of you! There's a fairly recent and complete description of who I am and what I care about on my tumblr: nebulia13. Feel free to comment/talk to me/etc. I'm currently living a fairly sad and lonely life so I appreciate any and all company! I haven't touched my LJ in roughly a year and haven't cared much about it for longer, so it's interesting to come back to the site and get back involved with everything.

Usually I'm FO, but I'm keeping this entry public so that if you friended me from home_ice and I haven't friended you back, you can let me know here!

So yeah. that's what's up today, I guess. Hi all!
Tags: friends, hi there!, work rants

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