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it snows nine months of the year and hails the other three

sometimes you just have to make a leap, son, sometimes you just have to leap.

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perhaps from middle dutch.
12 May 1990
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perhaps from middle dutch!

nebulia has absolutely no sense of what is acceptable to say aloud and what is not. She knows her pleases and thank yous and her etiquette, but when it comes to actually vocalizing content...it tends to be a disaster.

in other news, she is determined and abstract and mentally unstable. she is exceedingly fond of what most people consider bad weather, willow trees, rugby, the oxford comma, and tea with irish cream. she is an addict to self-mutilation (two months and counting without cutting right now), which is unpleasant but you should probably know it.

her greatest passions are books, rugby, skiing, and music, in all forms. she loves theatre as well. though she sounds quite cultured and fancy (and sometimes she is), none of this prevents her from being a huge dork. in fact, it might make it worse.

that's okay. she's learning to live with herself.

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